Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Take a seat it's a long one!

Happy Halloween! 
Brinley this year was.... Rapunzel.

Brinley is playing musical chairs @ preschool for her Halloween party.

 Brinley's preschool participated in the Pumpkin Walk in Syracuse

                                                  Brinley's pumpkin displayed in the pumpkin walk.
 Madi, Brinley, and Riker loved the pumpkin walk. (It was impossible to get everybody to look at the camera and smile all at the same the time.)

 Madi being a Princess with a microphone!

 The crew just before heading out to trick or treat. (Riker did not love the whole hat deal.) 

 Merry Christmas

Christmas Eve Pjs. 

Riker's 1st Birthday January 24th

 Riker was super excited about his cake.

                                                                  As you can see he quit enjoyed himself.

 This sweet boy just loves vacuums  for some reason (maybe I vacuum to much) He was super excited about his very own vacuum. 

 Happy happy 1st Birthday to my boy! 

We had a fun full and exciting month in January. Bryson and his wife Anneliese got a surprise and Baby Holdyn just couldn't wait until March to get here. So he graces us with his present January 25th. Weighing in at 4 lbs. 7 oz. 
                                                                   family of three now!

Were skipping ahead to....

                                                    Madi and Brinleys favorite thing about Easter.
                                                                  Dyeing the eggs.

Here are some random, but fun pics of just fun times.

                                            Grandpa Higgins loving Riker.
 I have decide to start training him young. 
 This is Brinley's cheesy smile 
 Riker and I having fun riding the wiggle car.

                                                                   Madi Jean
                                                               Riker (it was really cold out, but he just loves swinging.)
                                                                I know its hard to tell, but Brinley and I where working hard on some project. Just can't remember what project :)
Brinley just loves Baby Holdyn 

May May the month of May!
Dan and I celebrated our 7yr. Wedding Anniversary 
Here are some oldies, but fun.

 Dan must of been super excited ;)

 Miss Brinley's 5th Birthday.

                                                We have the tradition that on your birthday you get to choose whatever kind of birthday cake that you want and the fun is mom gets to try and figure out how to make it. (so far we have done okay. lets hope we don't go to much crazier.)
 Happy Birthday Girl.

 Note the awesome blue tape for my wrapping job. Apparently I am out of clear tape and had to resort to painters tape. 

Lets just say she was one happy girl :)

Dan's Sister Katie got married May18th and party we had.

                                                     Did you say there is a ice bar? Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! Least to say he was excited or super hyped up on sugar.

 Brinley was thinking do i do i want to dance? 

Doing it!

                                                                          Cousins. A funny Madi is about seven hrs. older than Lily and Lily is almost a head and half taller than her. Sorry madi's you got my jeans.
                                                                      The fam!
                                                                     All the Cousins together!

Bonnie and I. 
I sure lover her!

May 19th Brinley's Preschool Graduation. 
 Sitting w/Brin she was a little nervous.

                                                        Singing there Halloween songs
                                                          Ringing the bells for there christmas song
 Brinley and her friend had there own special part in the program. The two of them sang Pitter Pat.

Brinley's last time w/Miss LouAnn. She was so sad!
(we just loved her as a teacher.) 

Don't worry you have almost made it through this AWESOME and long post.
Here are some more just random but fun pictures.
 puddle splashing. 

I even joined in the fun, but no pic for that!
 Both girls think they where born to drive.

Momma loves!
 Madi and Grandpa's favorite thing to do. They will race and race for hours. (Grand Turismo)

                                                                   eee-ha hold on tight corner.

 Riker and uncle Craig
Bubble fun.

 Bike riding fun.

 Riker wants to be a helper soooo bad.

                                                                   everybody joined in the fun.

                                                                        Dress up day!
 We had a rough Sunday with the reverence part so we spent some time out side.

I thought i was so Genius about this idea. This way I could carry Madi and push Riker in the stroller.